Conflict in Marriage or Relationship: How to Deal with it!

It is not possible to completely rule our the occurrence of conflict in any marriage or relationship. Moreover, having a clear understanding of how to deal with such dispute is the key to sustainability. Sometimes, couples disagree. And disagreements are a natural and healthy part of any lasting relationship or marriage. Nevertheless, when the disagreements or arguments become unhealthy, it could strain the bond. 

What is conflict?

Conflict is a serious incompatibility between two or more opinions, principles, or interests. Conflict can also mean a serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one.

Some of the reasons why couples disagree or experience conflict in their marriage or relationship include, selfishness, greed or pride. Also, unforgiving, lack of good communication, not serving one another  and undermining little things. Moreover, other reasons are: lack of true intimacy, disagreements being dodged or postponed because of the presence of the kids or strangers. And issues being pilled-up or kept aside instead of resolving them

Moreover, it is important to know that your partner is not your enemy. As children of God, it is expedient that we manifest the nature of God in our dealings. Conflicts help partners to understand each other better.

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