Do You Believe in God?

This question is widely asked if one believes in God and oftentimes there are so many reactions to the question. This is due the fact that there are some many thing people believe about God this day. But my question to you today is do you believe in God? Or rather you believe there is a force out there which controls the universe. Or something you can’t imagine but do exist. I will tell you that Jesus is real. The fact that you cannot see the air does not stop it from being air and essential for humanity.

Jesus asked His disciple this question: “Who do men say that I am”?  He was not asking them because He didn’t trust them enough or to know what they think of Him because He already knows their thought. He only wanted them to have an idea and deeper understanding of who He is. So, let’s dive into the word of God and see what He is saying to us today.

Do You Believe in God?


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