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About Pastor Victor Aigbeghian

Pastor Victor Aigbeghian is the senior pastor of New Generation Chapel. As a teacher and preacher of the whole Gospel, he also writes to educate, strengthen and encourage the Church to experience the fulness of Christ and to receive our inheritance by grace.
  • Your marriage shall be restored in Jesus' name.

Marriage Restoration Prayer Points

2020-09-21T01:13:42+02:00December 7th, 2015|Prayer|

Why Restoration of Marriage? Many marriages are under attack from demons, the society or the couples themselves. And some marriages have been marred, separated or dissolved because of this. But, these prayer points can assist you in your plight for restoration of your marriage. If your marriage is already under attack, these prayer points are

  • Financial Restoratoin

Financial Restoration Prayer Points

2020-09-21T01:13:52+02:00December 7th, 2015|Prayer|

It could be difficult sometimes, to receive financial restoration. But, these prayer points can assist you as you pray for a release of the finances you have lost. You can also break every closed door against your financial expansion. Nothing is impossible. Thanksgiving and Confession Jesus I appreciate You for every blessings You have given

Prayer Points Against Opposition

2020-09-21T01:14:10+02:00December 6th, 2015|Prayer|

Delays of the manifestation of the blessings of God or stagnation could result from the attacks and opposition of the enemy. Prayer changes things. It even changes the position of things. These prayer points are selectively arranged to help you in your plight to claim your victory and exercise your dominion over every kind of

  • Prayer Points Against Barrenness And Infertility

Prayer Points Against Barrenness And Infertility

2020-09-21T01:14:22+02:00December 6th, 2015|Prayer|

What God Says The following prayer points against barrenness and infertility have been a blessing to many families. I would encourage you to trust God Almighty and totally depend on Him, irrespective of what the doctor or any other person has diagnosed. These powerful prayer points against barrenness and infertility will assist you prevail, by

  • Marriage Restoration Prayer Points

Marriage Restoration Prayer Points

2020-11-28T09:44:27+01:00December 4th, 2015|Prayer|

Marriage Restoration Prayer Points Powerful and proven marriage restoration prayer points. Your marriage can be restored, irrespective of the how much damage the enemy has caused We have released new prayer for the restoration and prosperity of your marriage, in order to bring out some of the new prayer points

  • Deliverance


2015-12-03T20:34:55+01:00December 3rd, 2015|Saved|

How to Obtain Deliverance Deliverance is the process of being set free from any kind of bondage. To obtain deliverance from demonic oppression, scriptural knowledge is important. Deliverance means being set free. John 11:41 - 44, 41 Then they took away the stone from the place where the dead was laid. And Jesus lifted up his

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Types of Fear

2015-12-03T20:33:41+01:00December 3rd, 2015|Saved|

Below is a list of the different types of fear. For prayer points against fear, click here. To send us your prayer request, click here. COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF TYPES OF FEAR Ablutophobia - Fear of washing or bathing. Acarophobia - Fear of itching or of the insects that cause itching. Acerophobia - Fear of sourness.

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